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RAYDEN was fuel-born and evolved from petrolhead into innovator with a mission to change the way we move and consume energy.

Our tradition is long, full of innovations and need for speed. As engineers and designers, we’d worked with big brands known from advanced solutions and constant improvement of technology and created amazing things and experiences, like Arrinera Hussarya supercar.

As seekers of performance, we'd built 2 km's long and up to 8-12 meters wide training race track PIXERS RING in the record time of just two months and gathered a dedicated community of those who like controlled speed and care of safety rides.

As inventors, we’ve always looked for the best sustainable solutions, like the on-demand production method at the Pixers marketplace, the very first idea and the mother of our activity.

As perfectionists, we always care for each detail, from high gear to amazing visuals from our ally, Pie Pictures, to allow you to feel the vehicle before you touch it.

Now, as RAYDEN’s SHAMANS, we built your future fav vehicles.